Welcome to the Cambridgeshire Badminton Association (Cambs BA), a County association affiliated to Badminton England.

Cambridgeshire Badminton Association is dedicated to the development and promotion of badminton throughout the whole of Cambridgeshire.  The county consists of around 30 affiliated clubs as well as hosting Junior, Senior and Masters teams playing in the Inter-County Championships.

This web site is designed to enable Cambridgeshire Badminton Association to promote badminton through providing news and information on local, County and national badminton. Please visit this web site regularly to keep abreast of all the latest developments.

County AGM: 6 June 2019

The AGM of the Cambridgeshire Badminton Association will be held on 6th June at All Saint’s Church, Milton from 7.30pm.

At the AGM, we review the year, consider strategy for next season, hear the views of affiliated clubs, and most importantly consider the accounts and set affiliation fees for next season.  Volunteers are also nominated for coveted Committee positions for next year.

Who can attend?
Any member of an affiliated club can attend, so please make every effort to forward this invitation to them all. Each club affiliated to BE through the Association shall be entitled to two votes to be cast by a member of their own club on any decisions taken.  It is important that as many clubs as possible are represented to ensure a quorum.

What will be considered?
Detailed financial reports will be available at the meeting, but I can tell you in advance (in case you are holding your own AGM prior to 6th June) that the County has made a loss this year.  We will therefore be seeking to balance the books by implementing the Treasurer's suggestion of raising senior match fees to £5 per rubber, masters to £4 per rubber, and the club member County affiliation fee to £4 per member.

Why does the County need to raise fees.  What do they do with the money?

The County uses affiliation fees to field teams across the spectrum of competitions - junior, senior and masters teams - the entry fees and costs of which have risen significantly but are mainly covered by subs.  Money is also spent running events such as Country trials, junior training, and tournaments such as the Restricted.  We are aiming to support regular senior practice this season as well.

The County also invests a great deal in supporting the development of new coaches, which is providing wider coaching opportunities for players wishing to improve, and feeding the development of the sport in the region, which will help to contribute to the long term survival of clubs by feeding in new members.

Over many years, the County has held the affiliation fee stable, whilst operating costs have increased steadily.  Without an increase of fees, long term projections indicate that the County will end up insolvent.  For the price of a large cup of coffee per year, each club member can give something back to the sport they love by supporting future development, ensure that our region continues to be represented, and that players can get chances to aspire to compete at a regional level. The support of our members is essential to us being able to offer competitive badminton within Cambridgeshire and invest in junior and coaching development, and we very much appreciate the backing of those clubs and individuals that choose to affiliate.