South Cambs League

The South Cambs league is a thriving badminton league in the Southern Region of Cambridgshire, in which the clubs affiliated to Cambridgeshire Badminton Association compete in a number of divisions, and for the Mixed Handicapped and Bill Pink cup competitions.

For more information about the South Cambs League, including up-to-date results, refer to their website.

Bill Pink and Mixed Handicap Finals 2012

The finals of the Bill Pink and Mixed Handicap tournaments were held at Cambridge Regional College on 6th May 2012. 

The teams in the Mixed Handicap were Ramblers 2 v Linton. Linton won with a handicap of 160, losing by 89 points.

Ramblers 2, Finalists Mixed Handicap 2011-12

Linton, Winners Mixed Handicap 2011-12

The teams in the Bill Pink were St Ives v Pearl. Pearl won 8-1.

St Ives, Finalists Bill Pink 2011-12

Pearl, Winners Bill Pink 2011-12