Junior & Adult Coaching

Junior Coaching

As the fastest racket discipline, badminton is a fast, demanding and exhilarating sport, which requires fitness, concentration and determination.  Children who play badminton can develop high levels of strength, speed and agility, make lasting friendships, and have a great deal of fun.

The Cambridgeshire Badminton Association seeks to encourage more children into the sport, and to increase levels of participation.

For more information about the various competitive opportunities for junior badminton around the County, please refer to the Badminton England Juniors Information Document.

If your child is interested in having some experience of badminton to see if they would like it, then choose a club near you and contact them to explore the opportunities. You can find clubs in the Cambridgeshire region using the Badminton England clubfinder service.

Information about national Junior Badminton competitions can be found on the Badminton England website.

individual coaches

Anyone looking for coaching at any level, be it junior or senior, group or 1-to-1, can use the Find a Coach facility from Badminton England which allows you to search for coaches available in the County.

For more information about coaches who are available in the region, please contact the Coaching Coordinator Philip Gray at: coaching@cambridgeshirebadminton.org


Cambridgeshire Badminton Association is very keen to encourage and support new coaches to increase access to the sport in the County.

Coaches who can demonstrate they will be delivering coaching within the County can apply to the Association for a bursary towards the cost of their coaching qualifications as follows (subject to an overall cap in any one year):

  • UKCC Level 1 (assistant coach): 50% course fees paid

  • UKCC Level 2 (lead coach): 40% course fees paid

  • UKCC Level 3 (managing coach): 40% course fees paid

Subject to ratification by the Committee, bursaries are paid on evidence of receipt of a valid UKCC qualification, and that the coach is registered with Badminton England and affiliated to Cambridgeshire Badminton Association.

Please note that several members of the County Committee including the Coaching Coordinator are capable of verifying documentation for a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.

For more information please contact the Coaching Coordinator Philip Gray at: coaching@cambridgeshirebadminton.org